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It's Money Time!

BFCM is the time to roll out your most extreme discounts to attract customers.

You want customers to be motivated to purchase more by offering them rewards, but you don’t want them to use it in conjunction with the extreme discounts offered at BFCM (although you would love to give your customers a reason to come back the week after).

In order to solve this dilemma, you can delay your rewards until after BFCM ends getting the best of both worlds in the process.

Set up Your BFCM Workflow

  • Create conditions based on your store AOV and margins.
  • Create a rewards ladder, which will incentivize your customers to buy more & get more credit.
  • Delay the reward sending until right after BFCM sales are over.
  • Have the credit expire right before the Christmas shipping cutoffs to maximize purchases.

Let your customers know

  • Have banners and images ready to hype up your rewards on your homepage.
  • Don’t forget to notify your customers via social media that you’ll be giving out rewards during BFCM.
  • Use customized widgets, popups and rewards landing pages to make sure that your customers can easily access all sales info and let your customers know the value you offer them.

Design a proactive Email campaign

  • Branding – Add your logo and create your branded Gift Card photo! Brand your rewards to better connect them to your store, for example: Here are your 100 Tiny Dollars.
  • Apple Wallet – Add a personalized Apple Wallet link. Whenever your customers go to their Apple Wallet your gift card will be the first thing they see so your store will always be at the top of their wallet!
  • More than discount – Make sure your customers know that they can redeem their rewards along with other discount codes!

3 Pro Tips:

  • Quick Apply – Store account owners can redeem their Gift Card without even inputting a code. Making the checkout process seamless and increasing conversion rate.
  • Strong subject – You want your customers to see this email. Make sure they open it (pro tip: Don’t use too many emojis/CAPITALS to avoid spam filters).
  • Expiration – Add a 2-week expiration date to maximize usage between BFCM and Christmas and create a sense of urgency!