Giftwizard is now

Introducing, the first branded currency solution – Gift cards, Rewards, Store Credit, and Incentives – automating re-engagement. 


Since 2016, GiftWizard has expanded beyond Shopify’s leading Gift Card experience, to Store Credit solutions, Automated Rewards, Loyalty Programs, and finally – a complete Branded Currency ecosystem, designed to help your business grow.

Today, our product helps merchants – ranging from SMBs to billion-dollar companies – automate Gift Cards and Rewards solutions. Merchants can send the right rewards and incentives at the right time. They can automatically maximize engagement with first-time customers and VIPs. They are able to automate credit for returns as well as compensation – and so much more.

We needed a new name and brand, to fit our new abilities and values. We chose the name to capture the biggest challenge merchants face today… and the way we solve it. 


Meet is a strategic re-engagement solution that provides brands and retailers with a unique currency of their own. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, helps merchants grow by retaining customers and increasing their average spending. 

Why AI? Artificial Intelligence is also on the rise. Businesses that don’t embrace AI will stay behind. Our experts make use of big data as well as various machine learning concepts, natural language parsing, and other fields in order to build the right re-engagement methods for your store and take it to the next level. helps merchants both by managing their store currency and by building their marketing automation and engagement campaigns. 

It automatically re-engages with current and potential customers by using powerful AI-based tools. 

Our journey has just begun

To achieve our goals we’ve tripled our company’s size in the last 6 months and released dozens of new features and services. We’re working hard to help merchants relax and let make all the re-engagement decisions for them. 

We’re rolling out the name change gradually, and our plan is to fully transition by the end of Q3  2019. 

Last but not least – we want to thank our amazing merchants and partners. We wouldn’t be here without you. We’re super excited to have you along for the ride.

We can’t wait to see you Rise with us⚡️