Customer Accounts

Use our customer account system to engage and re-engage customers simply! Keep your brand top of mind with your customers and create a seamless checkout experience

Life is full of distractions. The more complex it is to do something, the greater the chance that it will never happen. 


Rise’s customer account system increases the simplicity and accessibility of every interaction between your brand and your customer.


Make it easy for your customers to keep in mind that they are associated with your brand:

  • check their rewards and Gift Card balance.
  • recharge their Gift Card 
  • receive notifications from you. 

all in the same interface or through a platform of choice like Apple Wallet.

Customer accounts also give your customer service team a single system for simple, seamless management of customer engagement and support. Refunds, rebates and placating disgruntled customers are as easy as the click of a mouse.


Use Rise to engage your customers, cut through the noise and stay in the top of their minds.  

Stay on your customer's top of mind

Don’t let your customers forget about the goodies they have waiting!
Display Store Credit notifications and messages within your customer’s account. Send personalized email reminders about their balance. Rise’s integration with Apple Wallet means that customers will be reminded about their store credit with your brand any time they pay with Apple Wallet.

Seamless checkout

Remind your customers to redeem their store credit with personalized prompts at checkout, such as: “You have $45 in-store credit! Do you want to apply your credit to this purchase?”

Unified omnichannel experience

With customer accounts, you can give your customers a seamless checkout experience online and at your physical store’s POS. Let your customers quickly redeem their store credit whenever and wherever they purchase.

Easily manage returns, refunds, and rebates​

The eCommerce purchase return rate averages 20%, jumping to 30% in the holiday season. That’s a lot of work for your customer service team. The more efficiently you can manage returns and refunds, the happier your staff and your customers will be. Store credit directly into customer accounts is a very simple yet highly efficient way to handle refunds.