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Who says you can't do it all? Delight your customers with Store Credit, Gift Cards, and Cashback - ALL in one place. Reimagine their rewards experience - maximize their spending.

Don't Limit Yourself - Get Creative with Elastic Store Credit Rewards

Make any engagement workflow come to life with Store Credit triggers for any app or event. Shape it, strech it - make it your own.

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Our merchants never cease to amaze us with what they create with Rise - get inspired!
"We came to for a “last chance shipping” play to catch the late shoppers with gift cards. For the holiday season, however, the bulk store credit offering became a stronger value proposition than the gifting itself!"
" was instrumental in bringing Milk Bar’s gift card and store credit experience to the next level. The features they provide are innovative and easy for anyone on the team to use."
" has been invaluable for both: the offer of store credit assures potential buyers that they can only gain from the initial sample purchase… and the short expiration period is super motivational in getting them to make that all-important second investment."
"Thanks to Rise’s innovative and seamless integration with Recharge, we can now offer Digital Gift Cards and issue Store Credit, which has resulted in significant increases in revenue and decreases in refunds!"

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Liability Reporting & ERPs

Real-time insights to manage Gift Card and Store Credit liabilities.

Easy to Use APIs

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems for maximum efficiency.

Headless Customization

Tailor the UX/UI to meet brand needs without altering back-end code.

Multi-Store & Omnichannel

Unify your brand’s sales channels for cohesive issuance and redemption management.

Bulk Create

Generate up to 10,000 gift card codes instantly for targeted campaigns.

Custom Triggers

Set automated triggers from any source to issue Store Credit based on any user event.
Minimize Friction - Maximize Engagement - Amplify Profits - All in One Place
Minimize Friction - Maximize Engagement - Amplify Profits - All in One Place
Minimize Friction - Maximize Engagement - Amplify Profits - All in One Place
Minimize Friction - Maximize Engagement - Amplify Profits - All in One Place

Watch Your Numbers Rise performance benchmarks 2023
32 %

Repeat Purchase Rate

18 %

Average Order Value

40 %

Redemption Rate

8 %

Customer Lifetime Value