How Dr Squatch’s CX Team Utilized Store Credit to Retain Customers

Q4 - 2020


Over 287K

Store Credit issued

Over 30%

Of credit issued was redeemed

Over 125%

Upsell on used credit

Dr. Squatch is the creator of hip natural hygiene and grooming products for men. Offering everything from cologne featuring woodsy scents to handmade soap with hints of bourbon, Dr. Squatch has cultivated an enthusiastic following of men who take both their health and their masculinity seriously.

Challenge: Ensuring customer satisfaction during the pressured, COVID ladened holiday season

Rave reviews, media mentions and iconic commercials have propelled Dr. Squatch to the status of a major brand – with a reputation to uphold. As the 2020 holiday season approached, Dr. Squatch expected an influx of orders. Dr. Squatch proactively searched for a way to engage with their customers while ensuring customer satisfaction. The solution had to be easy to manage and scalable. Fortunately, they found Rise.ai.

Solution: Rise.ai’s automated Store Credit platform

Dr. Squatch customer support staff used Rise.ai’s Bulk Store Credit tool to immediately issue Store Credit to customers. Using Store Credit as a proactive operational tool reduced friction for customer service staff and, simultaneously, produced a seamless and satisfying experience for every single customer.

The Bulk Store Credit tool was only one of multiple ways that Dr. Squatch found to use Rise.ai’s Store Credit platform to enhance their business and revenue. They also capitalized on a smooth refund process and marketed gift cards with powerful options.

We came to Rise.ai for a “last chance shipping” play to catch the late shoppers with gift cards. 

For the holiday season, however, the bulk store credit offering became a stronger value proposition than the gifting itself!

Thanks to Rise.ai we had a solution that our customers loved – we provided bulk store credit as a proactive communication tool.

Stephen Pinto, Senior Product Manager, Dr. Squatch

Results: Happy, retained customers and $111K of upsell

Over the course of Q4 2020, Dr. Squatch issued $287K with Rise.ai’s Store Credit tool. Over 30% of customers who received it returned to Dr. Squatch’s site to redeem. Most spent over the amount of store credit they received, generating over $197K of revenue – $111K of which was upsell.

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