Cashback is a
Cash Cow!

Always get more than you give - and bold businesses know - cashback is a sure way to increase RPRs and AOV. This is your chance to grow with's seamless Cashback experience.

Brands Grow Their Cash Pile with Cashback

Ditch the Discounts - Grow Repeat Sales with Cashback

Grow Repeat Customer Purchases

Automate Cashback rewards that drive sales with the right Store credit Incentives. Fuel repeat business and secure ROI.

Seamless Checkout with Cashback Earnings

Streamline checkouts - easy store credit applications, zero friction and propelled AOV. Ensure accessible Cashback and curb cart abandonment.

Elevating AOV and Upsell Value

Strategize with tiered Cashback to motivate higher spends, guide customers up, and preserve your profit margins. performance benchmarks 2023
4 X

Increase in RPR

20 %

Decrease in Cart Abandonment

2.5 X

Purchase Frequency

" is truly versatile in letting you set up various streams or workflows for rewarding your customer's loyalty. I especially appreciate that you can choose to offer hard cash rather than points. Small nuance but it keeps you from inundating your customers with messages about discounts and overall "cheapen" your brand. Customers can easily see the benefits in their account!"

Supersede Discount Codes with Automated Cashback Workflows

Cashback offers real value, on your terms. Delay or target rewards for first time buyers, spending levels, or new product launches. Develop more precise marketing with's tailored automations.

The Frictionless Cashback Journey

Real Store Credit, zero friction. Enjoy customizable store front assets, swift redemptions, and no hidden fees for the customer. The authentic Cashback experience with rewards accumulated directly to digital wallets.

Boost AOV with In-Cart Nudges

Guide customers to higher rewards by signaling how close they are to the next cashback tier. Empower their decisions and let them see the added benefits of just a bit more spending.

Spend Now, Earn Later:
The Good American Story

Good American looked to spark a surge in repeat purchases for their new collection.


Enter the “Spend now, earn later” Cashback campaign. Offering a tantalizing 2-week time-limited credits, incentivizing higher return rates.

Cashback at Lincoln Casino provides players with a percentage of their losses back, enhancing their gaming experience. This feature offers a safety net, boosting player retention and satisfaction by giving them a second chance to win.

2 Weeks


4 x

Lift in RPR

35 %

Redemption Rate