Rise WorkFlow – Send Cashbacks Using Automated Rules

By Noa Koren
September 24, 2023
4 Minutes Read

We’re really excited to release Rise.ai’s WorkFlow – the first Automated Rewards and Cashback Program.

78% of customers prefer to receive their incentives and rewards directly to their account as Cashback, to be utilized on their next purchase. Instead of confusing your customers with complex promotions, win their loyalty by giving them exactly what they really want.

You can now use Rise.ai’s WorkFlows to automate Cashback sending, based on rules you set up.

WorkFlow Examples:

  • Automatically offer the customer 3% of the purchase as Cashback
  • After spending $X, the customer automatically receives $10 as Cashback.
  • After buying 3 times at your store, customers automatically receives $10 as Cashback.

You can set up as many rules as you want within the same WorkFlow.

How Does Rise WorkFlow Works?

Rise workflow

Here is an example of how you can create a WorkFlow that will automatically send out a $20 Store Credit for purchases of over $400, or a $10 Store Credit for purchases between $200-$400:

Rise workflow


Here’s an example of how “SureFit” used the WorkFlow to boost their sales, by offering their merchants store credit.

Their success, as well as other Beta merchants, has been amazing. During the last month alone, beta merchants created over 10,000 cash rewards (worth ~60,000$) using automated rules, that generated more than $200,000 in upsell revenue.
For every $1 sent using the WorkFlow, the merchants earned over $4!