How Store Credit Refunds Reduced Dottie Couture’s Returns Costs by 42%

Over 10K​
Store Credit Refunds Issued
Over 40%​
Of Credit Issued was Redeemed
Over %300
Upsell on Used Credit

Dottie Couture is a women’s apparel and accessory boutique founded on the values of helping women feel beautiful inside and out and serving the community. Dottie Couture’s expertise is in offering fresh new looks that don’t break the bank, through a fun, comfortable shopping experience.


Creating a Cost-Effective Refund Management Process

Dottie Couture prides themselves on their dedicated customer service – in-store and out. To simplify and expedite returns and refunds, Dottie uses Store Credit, which is issued directly to the customer’s account.

Dottie’s website had originally used the BigCommerce platform, where they had become accustomed to giving refunds seamlessly.

When Dottie Couture decided to move their entire system into Shopify Plus, they faced an issue: Shopify did not have the built-in customer account functionality they had relied on with BigCommerce.

Customer service wasn’t Dottie Couture’s only use of Store Credit. Dottie wanted a solution that would encourage customers who had received Store Credit to use it. Fortunately, they found Rise


Rise’s Automated Store Credit Platform

Rise’s platform is based on a customer store account system, making issuing Store Credit and keeping track of the balance a seamless experience for both the store and the customer. Rise’s automated reminders also seemed like a promising way to encourage customers to take action and redeem their Store Credit. Dottie Couture enabled the workflow that sent a reminder email to any customer who had Store Credit in their account (from refunds or gift cards) unused for a month. has been a lifesaver and a Store Credit solution we could only dream of. Our main goals with were to reduce ticket time, decrease refunds & returns costs for our brand, improve customer experience, and encourage customers to choose store credit over a refund.
Thanks to Rise, our refunds management has never been more effective.
Dottie Couture General Manager and Assistant Buyer


42% Reduction in Refunds Management Costs!

Over the course of the first Q of 2020, Dottie Couture used Rise, they issued over 10K Store Credit refunds and compensation. The entire refund process was easy for their customer service staff and intuitive for their customers.

In addition, Rise’s automated workflows and reminder emails did the trick when it came to engaging customers. 39.4% of customers who received Store Credit came back to Dottie Couture’s site and purchased – more than ever before.

Best of all? They not only used their Store Credit; they spent above and beyond their Store Credit, generating upsell revenue that was 2.9x the credit issued!