Rewards Programs

Build an enticing rewards program with flexible, automated store credit flows that are both quick and easy to redeem. Convert new customers into repeat shoppers, strengthen your customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value.

Cultivating Loyalty is Profitable

Rewards programs are a critical pillar in your customer retention strategy, since retaining an existing customer can cost at least five times less than acquiring a new one, and returning customers have a higher lifetime customer value. According to one study, increasing retention rates by 5% can boost your profits by up to 95%.

When you establish exclusive rewards for your most valued customers, whoever merits those top rewards feels particularly important to your company. Since your most loyal customers also spend the most in your store, it’s worth investing the energy and resources into cultivating their affection. 

Rewards programs also help you identify your most loyal customers.’s trackable rewards program reveals who you should target with special offers, which promotions are the most effective, and more, positioning your rewards program as an efficient driver for business value. Use rewards to achieve enormous flexibility. With Rise flows you can reward your customers using store credit or points that can be redeemed quickly and easily at checkout. 

Encourage Higher Cart Value makes it easy to create a rewards ladder that boosts the average overall value of each transaction, offering targeted single-purchase rewards that deliver higher discounts or cashback amounts as the customer’s total spend rises.

Reward Your VIPs

Tiered rewards plans offer higher credit to customers with greater LTV, enticing them to continue increasing their purchases, and flattering high-spending VIP shoppers with exclusive offers.

Advance Rewards Capabilities

Use to automate any conditions for your rewards programs, whether you want to base it on lifetime spend (LTS), card spend, status, order amounts, or any other triggers that match your business strategy and profit goals.

Give Them a Reason to Come Back

With, you can offer both virtual and physical punch cards that motivate customers to both spend more on each purchase and return more often. With minimal investment, offering punch cards are an easy, low-cost way to motivate customers to work toward their free cup of coffee, burger, or whatever you have on offer.