5 Ways to Increase User Engagement for Your Shopify Store

By Hila
July 15, 2020
6 Minutes Read

There are more than a million stores on Shopify. In fact, over 1.2 million people are actively using Shopify. 

However, getting your products and brand closer to customers is challenging nowadays — especially due to the vast number of shopping choices. 


Generating unique, high-quality content on every product page is a big challenge for eCommerce businesses. Scaling content for thousands of products in the inventory is a Herculean task that online retailers cannot possibly handle on their own as it demands a lot of time and resources. To add to the complexity of search engine ranking, Google algorithms are becoming more intuitive with every update. They filter out websites that do not have original content and those with duplicate content within the site. But on the bright side, when the content on a website is unique and valuable, Google recognizes it for being trustworthy

if a brand wants to stand out in search results, it is not enough to just generate unique content for the website, but also to ensure that the unique content is compelling and valuable.

The Significance of Social Proof

A study conducted by Hubspot found that an average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision. and 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Predictably, customer reviews have emerged to be one of the most effective forms of social proof. Customer reviews and testimonials can be displayed in a number of different formats and also on different pages on your website to facilitate product discovery.

Anthropologie Mother's Day gifts ideas

Showcase Reviews On The Product Page

Display customer reviews and ratings on the products category page as well as on the product page. Since customer reviews are such a commonly-used approach, look for ways to catch your customer’s attention or add to the social proof reviews naturally provide.

The product page should have all the right ingredients needed for anyone to make a decision – the aggregate star rating, number of customer reviews, and the entire collection of customer reviews should be listed at the bottom of every product page.


Add User-generated Photos to Reviews

Reviews from customers serve as authentic endorsements to shoppers. Integrating user-generated photos into the eCommerce store helps shoppers find the social proof they’re looking for. Visual user-generated content when used strategically drives conversions and improves customer engagement.

Here are a few ways in which user-generated images can help brands:

  • Act as social proof.
  • Make the brand appear real.
  • Lower your marketing cost.


Email Campaign

Like any other festivities, Mother’s Day brings a lot of attention to stores due to a great demand for gifts during this time. Email campaigns are a great strategy to reach your customers before and during this day.  

Make sure to customize your campaign according to your customers’ needs and wants and help them decide what to buy. There are many different types of email campaigns you can use to let your customers know about your products during this time of the year. 

You Can Even Take it One Step Further

  • Ask Users to Subscribe to Your Email List – ask users to subscribe to your email list at least one month before Mother’s Day.
  • Countdown – Add to your email campaign a countdown so your customers know all about your special limited time offers
  • Promotional Email –  let your customers know about mother’s day special deals and offers.
  • Personalized Emails – Let your customers know about special deals and offers, depending on their wants and needs during Mother’s Day – personalized emails have an open rate of 18.8%.
Yellow Leaf Mother's Day countdown


Once your customer is ready to buy you can either let them continue with the checkout or offer them something else. Encourage them to buy more products or alternative products at a higher price with more features.  Your customer will receive better or more products and you receive more revenue.

Upselling works 60-70% of the time, once customers agree to pay a certain price, it is easier to convince them to pay more. For this Mother’s Day, incorporate some upselling as your customers may be looking to give as much as they can to the special woman in their lives.

Recover Abandoned Carts

By recovering abandoned carts, you can boost the sales by following up with your customers by delivering multiple ad creatives at the right time. Sometimes they just forget about it or leave the page to look for something similar.

However, a remarketing campaign is the most effective strategy that makes your visitors who abandoned their carts return to your site. In other words, it helps you get your potential customers’ attention by delivering the most relevant product information through their Facebook or Instagram.

This will remind them about the products, why they liked them in the first place and redirect them to your website.

Akohub provides an advanced retargeting app that helps Shopify merchants build retargeting campaigns on autopilot. It not only optimizes your retargeting audience strategy based on your website traffic and visitor behavior but lets you customize your ad creatives, targeting audiences/channels and the product catalog you want to highlight.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember that this day is to celebrate the women that made an impact on our lives and everything they’ve made for us, so make sure your customers have a feel over the entire buying process. And no matter what we are all going through, a detail can make someone’s day shine.

Guest Blog by Akohub

Pammela Murphy, Content Marketing & Partnerships, Akohub

Akohub helps merchants turn website visitors into customers with Full-Funnel Retargeting Campaigns. The Ako Retargeting app also recovers your abandoned carts and increases sales conversion rates. Feel free to try their 14 days of the free trial from Shopify App Store .