Rise with Carthook

By Nadav Berger
July 06, 2020
3 Minutes Read

We’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership, with CartHook, the leading upsell platform for online brands and one of the world’s most popular checkout platforms. All created for one reason – Helping merchants with launching magical customer experiences, combining upsells and loyalty in their post-purchase flow.

This full integration will allow you to easily sell Gift Cards, Issue Store Credit and create rewards programs, while allowing customers to easily redeem their credit on the Carthook checkout. 

Using CartHook’s upsell platform, merchants have processed over $1.1 Billion in total revenue. Shopify stores can decrease the number of pages and clicks required in the checkout process and add post-purchase upsell flows to drive additional revenue. 

About CartHook

  • Post-purchase Upsells – CartHook’s post-purchase upsell flows can increase AOV by 30%. After purchase, you can present customers with up to 3 upsell products and click to convert without inputting their payment info or logging into Paypal again.
  • One-page checkout – Experience the flexibility of a multi or single-page checkout. Increase conversion rates by simplifying the checkout experience, allowing customers to complete their checkout process on a single page. 
  • Product Funnels – With Product Funnels, you can sell your products on platforms like ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Unbounce, or Instapage. A unique URL is created and allows visitors to be sent directly to a pre-filled checkout page.

Benefits of the integration:

  1. Sell and promote Gift Cards on your Shopify store while using Carthook with Rise-ai.
  2. Generate automatic store credit rewards and engagement rules, that customers can simply redeem in Carthook’s sleek, high converting checkout.
  3. Give customer’s easy ways to apply their store credit with our ‘quick apply’ button that you can now add to your Carthook checkout.