Rise.ai with Treet

By Tal Shulman
March 15, 2023
3 Minutes Read

We’re thrilled to announce our tech integration with Treet, the most flexible solution for developing resale programs online.  

Merchants use Treet to launch resale experiences. Customers that decide to resell items they’ve purchased through the brand’s site can receive payout in the form of cash or credit.

Through our integration, Treet brands now have the option to offer Store Credit or gift cards via Rise.ai, driving  a higher repeat purchase rate over time.

About Treet

Treet helps modern fashion brands drive higher customer lifetime value (LTV) and be more sustainable. 

More revenue while decreasing your carbon footprint:

    • 65% of sellers opt for payout in the form of brand Store Credit or Gift Cards.
    • Customers spend 2-3x more on your site with earned Store Credit.
    • Purchasing a used item reduces its carbon footprint by 82%.


Launch your first resale program in days… Treet does all the heavy lifting

    • Treet customizes your resale experience to be fully on-brand.
    • Market your brand to Treet’s growing shopper and seller community.
    • Payouts, shipping logistics, refunds, and more are managed by Treet.

Integration Benefits

  1. Manage all gift cards and loyalty efforts through a single, easy to use dashboard.
  2. Increase customer lifetime value by offering branded store credit when customers resell items via Treets program.
  3. Drive higher purchase volume while making additional revenue off each second hand sale.
  4. Reach new customers segments actively looking for second hand items.