How Roka Used Gift Cards to Win Back Customers and Gain More Than $200,000 Revenue

Inactive customers​
New Sales Channel​
Value of Gift Cards Redeemed
Total Campaign Revenue

Roka designs and produces high-performance sports apparel.​

Originally founded when they challenged themselves to produce the world’s fastest wetsuit, Roka now offers eyewear and apparel for running, cycling, triathlon and other sports.

Their innovative, award-winning designs are often based on feedback from the competitive athletes who eagerly use their apparel.


Re-engage Inactive Customers

As a sports apparel manufacturer, Roka has active customers who regularly purchase their products. Unfortunately, they also have customers who purchased a product two years ago,
loved it, but never came back to purchase anything else.

Roka wanted to take advantage of this base of people who they knew appreciated their products, but they lacked an effective and scalable method with which to do so.

Thousands of inactive customers were lying dormant, lowering Roka’s average customer lifetime value. This untapped market was so close, and yet so far away. Then Roka discovered Rise.


Bulk Gift Card Win-Back Campaign

Gift cards are an ideal way to bring back old customers, because unlike coupons or discounts, a free gift card feels distinctly like free money, inspiring higher levels of use.

Rise’s bulk gift card distribution function proved to be the ideal method for reaching customers on an unprecedented level, with equally unprecedented ease.

Targeting inactive customers who hadn’t purchased within 12 months, Roka launched segmented bulk gift card campaigns, distributing over 20,000 $20 gift cards.

To generate a sense of urgency, each batch of gift cards hosted a 30 day expiration date.

Rise is one of the most useful e-commerce apps I’ve ever encountered, hands down. With their gift card management system, we earned like we never had before.
The wide range of functionality is giving us concrete ideas for gifting promotions. Every day we’re seeing new ways we can use Rise to reach more of our target audience across the world.
Senior Director, E-commerce Operations and Strategy


A 514% ROI, Creating Over $170,000 in upsell revenue

Roka’s gift cards generated an enthusiastic instant response.
25.5K Gift Cards issued.
Gift Cards were used immediately.
226K Total Campaign revenue.

Giving Roka an astounding 514% ROI from their bulk gift card campaign.

Through Rise’s bulk gift card promotion and distribution system, Roka can now create gift card marketing campaigns to win back inactive customers, reward active customers and reach new and untapped audiences.