How Gravity Blanket Garnered More Than $300K in 30 Days by Incentivizing Gift Card Purchases

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Increase Gift Card Sales and Revenue

Gravity Blanket is an innovative weighted blanket, utilizing the power of Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation to naturally decrease stress hormones and replace them with calming, sleep-inducing hormones. Customer reviews featured glowing reports on how Gravity Blankets provided deeper, more restful sleep, but Gravity Blanket wasn’t seeing sale numbers that reflected that excitement.

CEO John Fiorentino was attracted to the long-term advantages of branded gift cards including capitalizing on gift recipients as an entirely new market. He knew that in order to promote Gravity Blanket gift cards in a market where giants like Amazon and Walmart offer multi-usage gift cards, he had to incentivize customers to purchase. John searched for a solution that would provide this entire package, seamlessly.


Incentivize Gift Card Purchases with Rise

The Rise platform positioned Gravity Blankets to offer a branded, personalized, instant-send gift card. They offered a limited time incentive: a $249 gift card for $199. This campaign was directed at customers who were on the fence about the purchase, and the $50 difference was enough to give them the push they needed.

The unique opportunity to promote discounted gift cards without cheapening their flagship product or their brand provided Gravity not only with an exponentially expanded customer base, but also a significant stake in the gift card market, triumphing over the giants selling multi-purpose cards. Their incentive program hit home with many shoppers, and Gravity Blanket enjoyed unprecedented sales.

We were looking to get over the price hurdle without cheapening our brand or our flagship product,
Incentivizing potential buyers with discounted gift cards worked like magic. The process was insanely easy and fast, I couldn’t believe it. Our profits soared.”
Gravity Blanket CEO


Over $300K in Gift Card Sales in 30 days

The numbers gave John a good night’s sleep. Within 30 days, Gravity Blankets racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in gift sales which represented nearly 25% of their total 30-day revenue.

By tapping into the power of advanced gift cards, Gravity Blankets was able to drive its customer base over the purchase hurdle – and off to sweet dreams.