How La Colombe Coffee Roasters Saw 14% Increase In Subscriptions and Gift
Card Sales

How La Colombe Opened New, Profitable Sales Channels with Gift Cards & Gift Subscriptions

3 Months

Campaign length

2 New

Gifting Sales Channels

Over 14%

Increase in Subscriptions Sales


Decrease in Exchange Rate

La Colombe is a boutique coffee roaster and brewer with 29 cafes across the United States. Their online shop provides unique beans and blends to the discerning coffee drinker around the world. La Colombe offers both one-time purchases and monthly subscriptions.

Challenge: Increase Revenue Stream & Unlock New Sales Channels

La Colombe’s marketing team always knew their products would make excellent gifts, but had no way of managing the gifting process from the back end. They needed a flawless gifting service that would be compatible with their subscription product.


La Colombe also wanted to increase gift card sales, but were dissatisfied with their in-house gift cards for several reasons: the in-house gift cards were not sent directly to the gift recipient, couldn’t be scheduled for specific dates, and couldn’t be included in seasonal discounts or sales. These limitations restricted their purchase and usage, and certainly their ability to be marketed as special day rewards.

Solution: Gift Cards & Gift Subscriptions

La Colombe unlocked an entirely new gifting sales channel, enabling their customers to give both one-time gifts and gift subscriptions electronically. The new system provided the ability to prepare a beautifully designed, personalized e-card, informing their chosen recipient of the extravagant gift waiting for them – to be delivered on the day of the occasion.

In addition, since Rise made it easy for gift recipients to exchange their gift prior to fulfillment, shipping and operational costs associated with exchanges dropped by 35% overnight.

The gifting experience Rise enabled made our customers so happy and so loyal!

They love sending egifts, and now that it’s all personalized and the options are embedded, it’s such an enhanced experience.

Another big draw for us was the ability to get the recipient’s email address and full information. Our relationship with gift recipients used to die once the gift had been given. We couldn’t track the recipients or turn them into any kind of new target market. 

Kristin Gelches Sr Manager,
Ecommerce & Digital Marketing at La Colombe



Increase in subscriptions and Gift Card sales


Exchange rate decrease

More than


In revenue

Reaching a new market:

Gift Recipients

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