How MATE Used & Okendo integration to improve Social Proof and encourage re-purchase

4 Weeks
Campaign Length
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MATE the Label is a womenswear brand focused on Clean and sustainable clothing. They rely on non-toxic, natural, and certified organic fabrics and dyes. They operate an ethical and hyper-localized supply chain, ship with eco-packaging, and even offer the option to recycle your purchased clothing after you no longer want them in your wardrobe.


Generate Social Proof and Encourage Repeat Purchases

Today, the more social validation a product earns, the more sales it generates. MATE the Label knew how much their customers loved their products and wanted to leverage that affection to achieve two goals:

  • Use social proof to increase conversions.
  • Reduce time between purchases.

They choose to do a win-win reviews campaign using the’s automated Store Credit Rewards program integration with Okendo.


Automated Store Credit Rewards + Okendo

MATE the Label launched their ‘reward for review’ campaign in early March. Customers received $10 in Store Credit Rewards for publishing a review using the & Okendo integration. To encourage usage of the credit and reduce the time between purchases, MATE set the unused Store Credit Rewards to expire after 30 days.


About Okendo

Okendo allows brands to showcase customer-generated content including ratings & reviews, photos/videos, and Q&A. Brands use this content to build trust, drive conversions and maximize CLTV.

We live in a world where social proof can make or break a brand. Each product review increases your credibility and creates a virtuous cycle of more social proof – more excited customers – more purchases – more social proof.

We’re a passionate brand and we have a passionate client base, but we needed a way to encourage and leverage on that passion.
The seamless integration of’s Store Credit Rewards and Okendo jumpstarted that cycle for us and we’re still seeing the positive effects
– both in customer sentiment and in the bottom line.
Director of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at MATE the Label


Over 300 New Reviews – with 26.97% Making Another Purchase Within 30 Days!

In the first four weeks, MATE the Label issued over $3K of Store Credit Rewards. 300 new pieces of original user-generated content by MATE the Label’s passionate devotees were now available to attract new, like-minded customers. In addition, the campaign had a direct impact on MATE the Label’s sales. 26.97% of customers who received this credit used it within the 30-day limit and spent significantly over the amount of credit – an average of 14.65x more.