How Rise Increased Only Natural Pet's Rewards Program Redemption Rate by over 50%

30 Days
Campaign Length
Of Customers Redeemed Their Reward
Rebate Program Members
Upsell on used credit

Only Natural Pet is a pet food and supplies company that lives by its values of honesty, sustainability, and holistic wellness. Their goal is to support a long and healthy life for pets by producing and selling their own all-natural, exceptional-quality food, treats, and care products, as well as distributing other brands that match their high standards.


Launch a Compelling & Branded Rebate Program

A mainstay of Only Natural Pet’s customer loyalty strategy is its rebate program. Only Natural Pet’s rebate program had been around for over 5 years as a custom-developed solution that grew up around their custom .NET web interface. Members of the program get a 5% rebate from any purchase of Only Natural Pet brand products, and a 2.5% rebate from purchases of all other brands. Rebates are delivered quarterly, and they can be used for anything on the site, and in combination with any other offer.

When Only Natural Pet decided to move their entire system into Shopify, they had an urgent issue: their custom-created rebate program wouldn’t be able to transition with them. Fortunately, they found Rise.


Rise’s Automated Store Credit Platform

Rise’s Store Credit which is accumulated on the customer’s store account naturally created a seamless rebate program for Only Natural Pet. Rise’s system keeps track of customer purchases and calculates the deserved rebate amount. At the end of the quarter, the appropriate amount of Store Credit is added directly to the store account of each participating customer.

We were very impressed with Rise’s thoroughness and responsiveness. Whenever we had a question or a request, it was always addressed promptly and taken care of smoothly
Thanks to Rise, I can see that our rebate program is now fundamentally easier to execute.
Rise’s program is automatically managing a good portion of the load that until now required significant staff-hours. We’re excited to have found such an exceptional solution for our rebate program
Only Natural Pet VP Sales and Marketing


Over 430% Upsell on Rebates Redeemed!

At the end of the quarter, more than 23K rebate notifications were sent out with more than 5% of them being redeemed by the end of the first week. Customers spent more than 5 times the value of their rebates returning an upsell value of over 370%!

Even better, Only Natural Pet’s rebate program now requires significantly less maintenance. Rise’s system is completely automatic and after setting it runs itself, saving dozens of hours Only Natural pet’s employees needed to invest in running the rebate program in the past.