How Automated Store Credit Rewards Increased Wodbottom’s Repeat Customer Rate by 33%

Increase in AOV​
Increase in Repeat Customers​
Reward's Upsell​

Wodbottom was founded by a husband-wife team of CrossFit enthusiasts. They’ve made a name for themselves as a women’s go-to brand for silicone wedding rings, knee sleeves and bottoms.

Their bottoms are bright, funky workout shorts for women who want to drop the boredom of standard leggings, and judging by Wodbottom’s soaring success, there are many women out there who appreciate them.


Increase the Rate of Repeat Customers

Wodbottom’s returning customer rate stood at a respectable 40%, but, like in every other aspect of their lives, Wodbottom’s founders instinctively push themselves to perform better. They were sure they could increase those repeat customer numbers; they just didn’t know how.


Then, they discovered Rise.


Automated Store Credit Rewards

When searching for a way to increase customer loyalty, Wodbottom found that the reward their customers appreciated most was store credit, rather than a coupon code, to be used on future purchases. Rise enabled Wodbottom to create this automated Store Credit Program easily, seamlessly and, best of all, automatically.

Rise sent credit to customers’ store accounts based on rules Wodbottom set up.
For example, after spending $100 with Wodbottom, customers immediately receive $10 in store credit for future purchases.

It works just like cash, and is appreciated by customers.

Our goal was simple: we just wanted our customers to come back. Well, now they are – at amazing rates. It’s exciting to see.
Rise’s automated Store Credit workflows generate the highest ROI out of any marketing tool we’ve ever used. It’s one of the best tools we’ve found.
Wodbottom Founder and CEO


A 33% Increase in Return Customers…and More!

Wodbottom’s customers were thrilled with their Store Credit, making them 33% more likely to visit Wodbottom for a return purchase. Increasing Wodbottom’s repeat

customer rate to an amazing 53%. Customers who received Store Credit to their account, spent well beyond their initial Store Credit, generating an upsell of more than 300% for each reward.

The new Store Credit program also increased the average order value by 21%. Not only are more customers coming back, they’re buying even more than before.

After calculating the increase in repeat customer, average cart size and upsells, Wodbottom saw an amazing 513% ROI.