NoFraud Protection with Every Rise Purchase

By Ari
December 11, 2018
3 Minutes Read

Now with Rise you can experience a safer checkout process with NoFraud, a leading fraud prevention company.

Nearly 10% of all online fraud attempts are on downloadable e-Gift Cards. Imagine if an exceptionally large gift card purchase was made from your store. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!? But what if you later discovered that the gift card was purchased with a stolen credit card and you are expected to refund the money and accept the income loss.

Other forms of gift card fraud involve taking advantage of data breaches with leaked gift card numbers. Use the auto-load on Gift Cards to access customers’ bank accounts and jumping on programming loopholes to load more money than actually paid for.

Gift card related fraud is so popular, fraudsters love them – they’re instantly delivered, easily transferable, require no shipping address, and they retain demand on the secondary market.

About NoFraud

NoFraud is a full-service fraud prevention company. Powered by machine learning technology, NoFraud screens transactions for fraud in real time and provides an actionable response of: Fraud/NoFraud. If you do get a fraud chargeback, NoFraud will pay you back. NoFraud’s goal is to allow you to ship orders quickly, with confidence that they are safe from fraud.


When using NoFraud you can:

  • Increase order acceptance rate.
  • Reduce or eliminate chargeback costs.
  • Increase efficiency


Rise & NoFraud Integration Benefits

Use the & NoFraud integration to create a seamless customer experience between the two apps that will help you manage, market and distribute Stored Value Cards, increase your customer retention, while keeping you and your clients 100% safe.

Learn more about NoFraud or contact at [email protected]