How Cuts Used & Klaviyo integration to increase retention and reduce time between purchases During BFCM Weekend

3 Weeks

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Store Credit issued


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Cuts Clothing is a premium menswear brand, offering minimalist, versatile T-shirts, polos and hoodies that are professional enough for work and casual enough for a night out. Their original approach to shirts includes letting you “Shop by Cut” (choose your collar and bottom cut styles) and developing their own comfortable and stylish proprietary fabric.

Challenge: Attract Holiday Shoppers and Encourage Multiple Purchases

Going into the 2020 holiday season, Cuts Clothing looked for ways to not only attract the Black Friday early birds, but also make them return for another shopping spree by the end of the year. They sensed that achieving this would take a coordinated effort between email marketing, online sales, and in-store’s automated Store Credit Rewards program integration with Klaviyo showed the way forward.

Solution: Automated Store Credit Rewards + Klaviyo email sequence

Using’s automated workflows, Cuts launched a special promo during October – buy over $75, get $10 in Store Credit. Notice of the reward was sent seamlessly through Klaviyo automated mail sequences using’s Klaviyo integration. All unused store credit expired at the beginning of January. In the mail, Cuts Clothing encouraged customers to use their credit during the Black Friday sales. Throughout the campaign, Cuts Clothing issued $13K in Store Credit Rewards.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a marketing automation and email platform designed for growth-minded eCommerce merchants. Klaviyo gives you powerful functionality without sacrificing the time it takes for your marketing to make an impact on your bottom line.

We knew that early holiday shoppers held great potential for revenue. The trick was finding a way to get them to come back to us as they inevitably remembered more people they wanted to purchase gifts for.

“The & Klaviyo integration did the trick. A shopper’s thought of “Wow, I almost forgot to get a holiday gift for my cousin,” was followed by the logic of “Oh, I have that credit from Cuts Clothing.

 Why don’t I use that and get my cousin one of their shirts?” The results were incredible; we succeeded in harnessing the revenue potential we knew was there.

Brennan Eccles, Director of Marketing at Cuts Clothing.

Results: Repeat Purchases Generate $237K Revenue

The plus Klaviyo combination was a knock-out. Customers were thrilled to receive their Store Credit Rewards, and the Klaviyo emails made sure that the credit stayed top of mind throughout the holiday season. Early holiday shoppers returned to Cuts Clothing over the course of the season, and spent well over the value of the reward that brought them: an average of 11.2x more!

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