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How Raw Threads Capitalized on Automatic Store Credit to Increase AOV by over 30%





Increase in AOV


Increase in Repeat Customers


Reward Usage


Raw Threads provides female runners with comfortable, inspiring workout clothes. Their signature fabric features a unique blend of bamboo and cotton, which is both organic and sustainable.
In less than a decade, Raw Threads expanded from six products to over 1000, many of which feature officially licensed characters from Disney, Garfield, Home Alone, Grumpy Cat and more.


Increase Loyalty and AOV Without Cheapening The Brand.

Raw Threads sought an intuitive rewards strategy which would perform double-duty; they aspired to show customers how much they were appreciated, while simultaneously encouraging them to purchase more.
The Raw Threads executive team shied away from offering a discount-based loyalty program out of concern that it would downgrade the customer’s image of the discounted items, or worse, cheapen the impression of their brand entirely. Rise’s automated Store Credit Rewards program solved their dilemma.


Automated Store Credit Rewards

Rise’s Store Credit Rewards were the key. Raw Threads defined their parameters via the user-friendly automated workflows feature in under an hour, and began seamlessly rewarding their customers for completing specific actions. THEY WERE ABLE TO DELIVER DIGITAL STORE CREDIT INSTANTLY, straight to their customers’ inboxes and store accounts, for purchasing specific products, items from new collections, or reaching a predetermined level of lifetime spend… all without offering discounts or compromising the brand’s image.
We couldn’t offer discounts as rewards because the products to which the discount applied would then be viewed as ‘clearance’ or ‘maybe it’s being offered to me at a lower price because there’s something wrong with it’. We wouldn’t have achieved our goal of making our customers feel recognized.

WHEN IT’S STORE CREDIT, THOUGH, IT’S SEEN AS CASH! The customers love it, and the program allows us to reconnect with each one, and remind them we’re here without being rude, pushy, sales-ey.
Everybody wins.

Jennifer Leonard,
Raw Threads Founder and CEO


Brand Loyalty With Minimal Effort, No Discounts, and a 142% Upsell Rate!

Customer reaction was overwhelmingly positive; over a quarter of the reward recipients used their Store Credit Reward right away… and

spent 142% more than the value of the credit!

And even more important to Raw Threads,

average order value increased by 31%.

With automated, Loyalty-based Store Credit, Raw Threads customers were returning at a higher rate, and purchasing more per order than ever before.

Rise empowered Raw Threads to establish a successful customer recognition and loyalty program while cultivating a positive connection to the brand. And this entire process placed zero strain on the resources of Raw Threads’ small business team because everything about the process – from selecting triggers to distributing rewards to tracking upsell – is automated

Rise is helping Raw Threads end the rat race for customer loyalty… and emerge victorious.

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