Our Customers

Get inspired by our succesful merchants who knocked it out of the park, optimizing their customer’s on-site conversion and long-term retention

Dottie Couture
How Store Credit Refunds helped Dottie Couture reduce their returns costs by
over 42%
Only Natural Pet
How Rise Increased Only Natural Pet's Rewards Program Redemption Rate by
over 50%
Maven Meals
How Maven Meals Increased Revenue by 20% By Building an Advanced Gift Card Program
How Automated Store Credit Rewards Increased Wodbottom’s Repeat Customer Rate by 33%
How Roka Used Gift Cards to Win Back Customers and Gain More Than $200,000 Revenue
La Colombe
How La Colombe Coffee Roasters Saw 14% Increase In Subscriptions and Gift
Card Sales
Gravity Blanket
How Gravity Blanket Garnered More Than $300K in 30 Days by Incentivizing Gift Card Purchases
Miami Heat
How the Miami Heat used Gift Cards to channel fans’ passion and gained a 13.4X ROI
Free Fly
How Gift Card Management Tools and Seamless Migration Saved 200 Hours of Manual Work
Raw Threads
How Raw Threads Capitalized on Automatic Store Credit to Increase AOV
by over 30%
Local BC
How Support Local BC Rescued Over 1,100 Local Businesses With Rise Online Gift Cards

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